Mitaku Oyasin

It’s so unnerving sometimes when thoughts, daily reading, “morning papers” e-mails or horoscopes penetrate to the core of what is really happening with you or they spark an aha moment. I have been thinking a lot  lately of  “mitaku oyasin”  (all my relations). Trying to figure out where I fit. Then along comes this horoscope.

“Though the western world stresses individuality, humans thrive in community. We need each other for support and to reflect ourselves back to us, so we can see where to improve and where our beauty lies. When we find those special people who can do that, and also help us to grow into our best selves, we’ve made a connection that will nurture us throughout our lives.
All humans are part of one family. We may not always enjoy closeness with the family of our birth, but we can create the family bonds with those who we choose to share our lives. Intimacy can be created when we reveal our deepest feelings to someone we trust. When we feel connected with others in the human family, we not only reinforce peace among us all, but we open pathways to find the special few who offer an ingredient that is necessary to give meaning to life.

Been looking to be more intimate and hoping for that special relationship. Today I learned where it isn’t. Today I will also reflect on Melody Beattie , “More Language of Letting Go” daily readings “be who and where you are” and know that I am in the right place if I just listen to myself. I can start from here.  I do not have to compromise my reality.

All my Relations

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