I’m Speechless

art from:  davocyan.co.uk

“Truly successful people never seek to be like others. Rather they seek to be superior to their former selves. Don’t race against others. Race against yourself. Just resolve to be better than who you were yesterday and extraordinary things will happen for you.”  Robin Sharma

I attended my first Toastmaster meeting tonight. I learned something about myself. I am also ego driven and competitive. I wanted to win a race yet found myself being in awe. I do tons of public speaking. To 500 or to 2. My job is to tell a compelling story, explain the features and benefits and conclude with an “ask”.  I am pretty good at it.

Tonight I was speechless. This is a perfect supportive environment for me to learn and grow.  To be better than myself not someone else. Next week we talk about change!

Amazing!! Old crones can still learn?

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