De Stress Breath

It’s been a busy week. It will get busier. New issue of Shambala Sun has an article on Jack Kornfield. Reading his books, “After the Ecstasy, The Laundry” and A Path With Heart” are what kept me sane during the  darkest part of my life (so far) . It was all I could do to tap out a “loving kindness” mantra when I would lay awake at night for hours. It’s kept me mostly sane for many years now. When the tapes in my head turn on  I can turn them off  by focusing on my breath. Funny it works at the gym too, where I aways forget to breathe!

Breathe in. That was then.

Breathe out. This  is now.

Breathe in. I am.

Breathe out. Peace

Breathe you are alive.

I have kept my sense of hope so I can look forward and my sense of humour so I can look back and laugh at it all.

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