The Wakeup Fall

What an interesting concept. Falling off a bike, getting fired, tumbling to the floor or being dumped by your significant, we end up in a new place. On the ground, it’s a place with a new point of view.  Wounded pride and all, we have to pick ourselves up and try to figure out how to repair the damaged ego. Confronted by the unexpected by either misjudging our place, or getting dumped we are in a new landscape. Change is happening. With change comes fear. But, if we embrace this change with an open heart and a willing spirit we might find opportunity.

It’s easy to have a white knuckle grip on staying the same. We want to show the best that we are to everyone but falling leaves us feeling inferior and is a kick to our self-esteem. Getting dumped in love leaves us childlike and exposed. At this most vulnerable moment the most amazing changes can take place. It’s in the falling that we have the opportunity to see the world from that upside down place. If we get up it gives us a chance to make the changes.

I learned a new word today “samskara”. Wikipedia describes samskara as “imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience”.  It is a word from the teachings of the Buddha. The word describes  the psychological conditioning (particularly the habit patterns of the unconscious mind) that gives  individuals their unique character and make-up at any given time. I fell, I got dumped. If the action is repeated it becomes part of our core values. If it is not true and we don’t learn anything from it, samskara will keep us down on the ground, doing the same things over and over again; like not feeling the wake up fall.

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