Stride ~ heroes ~ follow your heart

“Follow that will and that way which experience confirms to be your own.” CG Jung

I have a very long stride. I measured it for my pedometer and its over a meter long. Yes I have very long legs. People who walk with me sometimes have a hard time keeping up. I need to be aware of this. I have needed to adjust my stride for many things. I adjusted it to run my dog in agility. We need to run as a team and my stride needed to match hers. I needed to adjust it for different obstacles in the course. I sometimes needed to shorten it and sometimes lengthen it. This makes me think about how sometimes I look to others strides and how they move forward and the path they are on. When I sometimes think that they are moving forward faster than me or their path is more interesting I need to  bring myself  in check. Why can’t I be like them; match their stride? What have they got that I don’t. Is the universe against me or am I just confused about the difference between learning from them and trying to walk  their path?

We each have our own stride and our own path to walk. Their lessons might be the same as I need to learn but we are all unique. If I spend my time trying to follow their ideal, I might miss my own . I will just be a lesser version of them or never discover my own path. My stride is not the same so I must learn to walk my own path and follow my own heart, which is the only thing I can trust to follow.

Or I could just follow my dogs and leap for joy,  just for the fun of it!

“The creative mind plays with the object it loves” CG Jung

One response to “Stride ~ heroes ~ follow your heart

  1. Warning!!!…matching someone else’s stride may cause tripping !!:)

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