Baby Steps

I was thrilled to watch a video of my newest grand-daughter on Facebook.

Only five months old and she was bouncing, laughing and learning; sitting in her very entertaining musical chair.

Physical, emotional and cognitive literacy are not done in baby steps. I don’t know where we go that term. Maybe it refers to the small steps they take when they are learning to walk but a baby’s learning is anything but baby steps.

They smile in response to our smiles and try to get us to smile back at them.
They raise their head and chest when on their tummy, and track objects with their eyes. They open and shut their hands and bring hands to their mouth.
They grip objects in their hands and take swipes at or reach for dangling objects.

From helpless newborn to active toddler: It takes just 12 short months for a  baby to undergo this incredible transformation.

Not so for grown men. I had a cognition this week-end when I realized the small baby steps the men in my house were taking when it came to recycling. It seemed like a small task to learn. Living in a rural area we don’t have curb side recycling. Everything goes to the local dump but can be put in recycling bins there.

You just have to sort it. Their idea of sorting was to put everything they thought was recyclable on top of the kitchen cupboards until someone went to the dump or until there was so much up there that it fell on your head. The worst item was pizza boxes.

My first idea was to encourage them to take the recyclable items out to the garage. No, that was too much work, walking outside to the garage. Especially in winter. Too, cold!

Idea two was to put recycling boxes at the bottom of the stairs, one to remove it from teetering on top of the cupboards and easier for sorting. That took about 3 months and the recyclables now make it to the bins, But, the bins fill up quickly, far quicker than the motivation to take it out to the garage. So, now we empty the bins downstairs and move it all into the next room (the mud room) with the door closet to the garage. It gets emptied into a large garbage can lined with a “clear” plastic garbage bag so we can see what’s inside (easier for sorting) when we take it out to the garage. At this stage the recyclables have been handled and moved at least 4 times, using way more energy then taking it out to the garage in the first place. Sometimes we slip and put it on top of the kitchen cupboard.

At this learning rate Stella will be in kindergarten by the time we have learned to put recycling where it belongs in the garage in one easy step.

Baby steps!

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