Meditation, the Fabric Softener of My Life

I am not keen on fabric softener, especially the kind you put in the dryer. It makes the dryer sticky and clogged. I try to eliminate all the static pet hair from my life by frequent animal grooming and using a lint remover brush. It is an up hill battle that I don’t seem to be winning. I relented the other day and used a liquid fabric softener in the wash to clean the two blankets that cover the couches. Since we have an on the couch and on the bed policy in our house they get covered with hair daily. I couldn’t believe how soft and static free they were when I took them from the dryer.

In my own life, being an electrically charged being I find that I have been attracting a lot of “static” lint and other bits and pieces to my life. Those picky things that you accumulate from living; thoughts, feelings, mental fomentations, conceptualizations, future fantasies and past regrets that swirl around like a vortex after an electrical storm. All that static doesn’t just cause thunderous lightening but can be the beginning of hurricanes and tornadoes.

Without my daily dose of “fabric softener” – practice, I am just a natural disaster waiting to happen.

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