Four months are a long time between blog posts. Creative block? Time? Inspiration? Lazy? Living getting in the way? All of the above.


I think about it every day. What I could write; what I want to write. I never get to the desk to “put pen to paper” so to speak. With out excuses, life has conspired to interfere.

Interesting blog post on Creative Block from Brain Pickings

I an not entirely stunted in my creative endeavours and aspirations. I have been busy with learning how to retire; you would be amazed at how much creativity it takes to shift those gears. I have been creating visual art; lots and lots of painting, felting, knitting, journaling and jewellery. I am practicing my Native American flute regularly.

I have added a page to my blog to showcase my art and will add another page as I explore  the relationships of females (especially family) and age. It will help to adjust to being the primary caregiver for my aging  mother in-law now living with us.

I am inspired by my daughters foray into blogging.   Martinisyle. Check it out. she is amazing?

To keep me learning, I have decided that an outdoor inspired hobby will be just the thing. Since I live on a lake what’s better than fishing? No not ice fishing, even though that’s the Poisson de Jour at today’s -20C, but fly fishing in the warm weather.

Can you guess what this little gadget is for? It will be very ‘zen”.


4 responses to “Write

  1. Putting clues together, I’m guessing typing flies?

    • Yes. I am really looking forward to it. My friend and i each got one in the silent auction, and we will be taking instruction form an elderly man who is almost totally blind, but still ties every day. Then spring and practising our fly fishing skills.

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