It seems every woman’s magazine out this month thinks that March is de-cluttering month. Just like January used be the month of “white sales”. Remember that?  It was when linens were on sale; in the day’s gone by they came in one colour white! No one would have considered a pink blender.

201403-omag-cover-130x163It’s a problem if we dedicate a whole month in the  media  to it; a cycle of suffering. We are just so conditioned to purchasing our happiness in a physical form. Does it make us happy or just create attachment?

My mother in law is suffering greatly. At 88 she had a heart attack and now needs extended care. The thing she misses the most is her stuff. At the end of her life her greatest sadness is that all “her stuff” is gone. No one wanted  her beautiful “stuff”.

Lesson learned. I too have been guilty of collecting. Now I only want to collect experiences. Beautiful ones with my loved ones.

One response to “Stuff

  1. My mother was like that, too. I realized what it was about when she asked me, late in her life, “You do still have my mother’s canning jars, don’t you?” It was about her life having mattered, having a place in history. Not disappearing.

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