Got Milk?

Farm Kiten


What every farm kitten and four-year old  wants to know….got milk?


I had the best  adventures this past weekend. I spent it with my grandchildren at the coast. The whole point of being a grandparent is being with your grandchildren. Really being with them.

I remember the distractions of parenthood….time, patience and money. Not enough of any of them. So much easier to be Mimi!

The point of the visit was to be one of the (substitute) parent helpers at my grandson’s preschool field trip to a dairy farm. What could be more fun then accompanying over 30 four-year olds to a working farm that offers a live experience?

header23We all got a chance to learn where our milk comes from because every four-year old knows it miraculously appears from the fridge to their glass.

Untitled-1 copy

We learned about the different types of dairy cows, milking cows  today,milking cows by hand, how to bottle feed a calf, what cows eat and how hard the dairy farmer works. They tailor the presentation for the age group, but the information in the dairy barn was an education for adults. It’s amazing how a cow bell can silence a group! There were posters on the value of farming to our economy, what gets farmed where and food production diversity in our province.  It was an education in farm to table, sustainable agriculture and knowing where your food comes from. After all the Hundred Mile Diet started here in British Columbia. Oh and we also made butter, yum!

We watched the cows being milked by machine,


everyone tried milking by hand.

We learned farm chores by learning how to bottle feed a five-day old calf,

bottle fed a hungry horde of goats and sheep, learned about what cows eat and how to hand feed,


played with baby rabbits, baby kittens (future mouser)

and saw how hard the beautiful border collie worked (she is actually the boss of the cows). The only thing they are missing is a Bernese Mountain Dog to cart the milk cans.


What a great day. Mimi had the best time ever! Funny, how I get to say that for every day I spend being with my grandchildren.

I did spend the weekend with them  and on Sunday we did this. See my daughter’s blog post here   (my two new little girls need names)

photo 2 photo 1On Saturday we went to Eurofest and I will let my daughter blog on that one as well.

Yep, being a grandparent is awesome!

2 responses to “Got Milk?

  1. Had our son’s fourth bday party at a farm like this. lots of fun, very hot. forgot matches for birthday candles, and no one smokes anymore, so there was some “pretending.” Overall, lots of fun for everyone! LMA

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