Old Tech For New Chicks

rotary phone

Sometimes only the old tech will work.

We had a power outage today. This is equal to: no phone, water, internet wi-fi, nothing. I was a little worried. Last weekend, in a moment of lapsed judgement as my husband calls it I went to a small animal flea market and came home with six baby chicks and a ring-necked pheasant. Too small for the barn (they need 95°F) they have been camping in my studio, which now qualifies as a hot yoga studio. No power meant they were going to get cold.

I needed to find out how long the outage was going to be. One hour is okay, but all night would not be good. We don’t have cell service here. Yes there are places in the free world without it. Our only way to communicate is to bring back that old technology, the rotary phone. I called hydro. No I couldn’t press 1 for English or 2 for en français, I just sat there until the machine realized I wasn’t hanging up and  told me to wait for a real person. He was very pleasant, looked up the outage and then told me I could look the information up on the internet. When I told him I had no internet and that’s why I was calling from a rotary phone, the poor young guy said, “what no technology?” I laughed! When I told him I needed to know how long because the babies could die of hypothermia without heat, I think I made his day. He learned the limits of technology in real life. I told him without power I was going to have to use some real old tech and build a fire in the fireplace.

The outage lasted about 2 hours. We all survived.

And really without technology what can you do?

youre never too old

2 responses to “Old Tech For New Chicks

  1. Been there. Tom uses a V-pap to sleep, and has to have it, so finally I figured out how to get a special dispensation with the power company (it takes a doctor’s prescription), so we will be high priority the next time a big tree takes out our neighborhood. We had 10 days without power two summers ago. And all this is going to get worse, you know. I’m so glad your chickies are okay. My daughter raised a sweet little brown bird, maybe a grouse? and let it loose at their cabin. They loved her. Carmella.

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