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The Little Family

Its spring in the grasslands. Time for new; growth, life, babies.  As it goes with a herd of wild horses there is always leaders and followers and those who want to lead. The stallions are very protective of their mares. They are even more protective around off spring. Stallions don’t take kindly to young stallions who want to breed with their mares or to try to lead the pack.

This little family has been ostracized from the herd. They now spend their days way down on the flats, isolated from the rest. The mom and dad love this little new guy.

Baby & Mom

Baby & Dad

The stallions & the chase

Right now this young stallion gets to lead his own little pack.

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.” Peter Drucker

The proof will be next year when we see how many mares this new stallion has in the herd.

Wild Horses Again

For those who enjoyed the pictures of the horses on Schiedam Flats I have uploaded three short videos to YouTube.


Nothing enunciates or  brings to life change more than moving from season to season; especially from winter to spring. Here in the grasslands winter has not given up its frigid embrace quite yet. There are signs though: birds are returning, seeds are quietly germinating underground and roots are awakening, calves are being born in the dark of night in cold pastures, the weather moves from sun, to sleet to hail and back again, constantly keeping us on our toes. We must be careful not to expect the joyous homecoming of warmth and new growth just yet.

Nature cleaves to her own schedule, not ours. The wild, Indian horses of Schiedam Flats have moved down from the hills, looking for the signs of forage on the grasslands. Last year there were many new foals and old friends who spent many summer days entertaining the observers who stopped their cars to visit. It will be exciting to see what this spring brings.

Just as nature moves at her own pace, so must we. Contemplating shedding my wooly winter coat and opening up to germinating in the warmth of the sun. Changes happens with every breath.

Change Your Point of View

The view from my world.

I love the ocean. I love water; the buoyancy, the smell, the taste., the way the phosphorus sparkles in the moonlight. I was conceived on an island in the ocean. I spent all my childhood summers swimming. Wet sand lived between my toes. Crustaceans came home in my bathing suit.I swam with harbour seals and pilot whales were an everyday sighting. I never dreamed I would leave it far behind. The scent  was what I missed the most when 10 years ago I moved inland. It was like leaving my muse.

Today I  live in the grasslands. The scent is musky and herbal. It’s dry and yellow in the hills all summer. It’s taken a long time to stop looking back and to realize that a change of view can be inspiring. I call different animals my friends. Today I can walk the hills with deer, mountain sheep and sometimes coyote follows along for a time.
I have developed relationships with birds.

Funny I never noticed them on the ocean.  Seagulls always seemed annoying, but here the scope of species is incredible. Some are only here for a short time, just passing through on a journey north so spotting them is an event. Sandhill cranes; you hear them before you see them and you have to look way up, blackbirds, hawks,  eagles.

I have taken a keen interest in the domestic horse who ran away from home and wanders the wrong side of the fence from the wild native horses desperately trying to get in. He made it one day and has been roaming with them ever since.

                                                                                                                                                       Today, my world and his has a different point of view.