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I Didn’t Do It

When you realize why all your felt pens are dried up!


The Artist ~ Nature

“So far as seeing things is an art, it is the art of keeping your eyes and ears open. The art of nature is all in the direction of concealment. The birds, the animals, all the wild creatures, for the most part try to elude your observation. The art of the bird is to hide her nest; the art of the game you are in quest of is to make itself invisible,”

John Burroughs

IMG_2239[1]IMG_8793Black Cottonwood

More Irony in the Garden

While I am busy trying to kill the damn burdock root, an enterprising artist is creating a bear. I will invite them to my garden to pick the burrs out of my dogs for their next creation.

Irony in the Garden

One Man’s Weed is Another Man’s Toilet Paper

Creative Commons, thompson Rivers University

Burry Burdock Bear

Photo Courtesy of Thompson Rivers University

Artist is Susan Knox

Love God

To be six years old and the secret is so simple. Love god, creator, buddha. Love is the operative. I adore the way my granddaughter created this picture. She doodles constantly and I regularly get an envelope full of her art work. Sometimes I get full-blown painted canvases. I love to look at it and wonder what motivated this piece.

I love the Franciscan look to god, the hearts,peace sign, stars, earth and planets. What more creations are in that little spirit, I so admire.love-god