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To Every Day

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And so it goes. Teaching children the circle of life. Metamorphosis. Nature teaches us all. It gives and it takes away. Trees grow, they fall. Caterpillars are born and reborn. (We hatched them from caterpillars and they changed, not all survived That’s all we need to know.



It’s alive


Hold tight!

Painted Lady Butterfly


Save A Butterfly

Butterfly on milkweed

I planted a milkweed last year for the first time. I wanted to see if it would survive in our Zone 3. It was disappointing in the spring because there was no plant. Well it surprised me and survived. We do not have monarch butterflies here, but we do have butterflies and they are beautiful as well and they do like my milkweed. I am going to plant more this fall.

I  signed the Monarch Manifesto below for the monarch butterflies


My pledge for monarch butterflies.

I commit to:

  1. GROW milkweed and other native wildflowers in my yard and/or on my balcony
  2. REPORT monarch butterfly sightings in my community using #monarchwatch
  3. AVOID using pesticides or herbicides in my yard or garden
  4. CONTACT at least one school, faith group, business or other institution in my neighbourhood about planting a butterfly garden
  5. CALL local garden centres and nurseries to ask them to order native milkweed plants for next spring

Bees, Butterflies & Bats

Dragonfly in delphinium

The garden is humming with all sorts of insects and creatures. I have planted to attract butterflies and bees and its working. All day you can see and hear them feeding and gathering.  They love the Delphinium, and I love to watch them go in and back out until they are loaded with pollen.

Bee in Delphinium

IMG_3426The pond attracts creatures as well especially since it has been so hot. We had 30 days of sunshine in July, and the temperature has reached 30 degrees C. most days.

It cools down considerably in the evening and our friends the bats come out in droves to feed on mosquitoes and other small bugs. We built houses for them last year, and we have quite a clan now.

Bat House

Imagine my surprise to wake up this morning to find one of our friends came for a sleepover. He was hanging from our bedroom door. I didn’t want to wake him after such a hard night’s work.