Do you eat your smarties?

Do you eat them very slowly? Do you eat them very fast?  Do you eat the red ones last?

I have been thinking a lot lately about delayed gratification. Probably because I picked up The Road Less Travelled to read at the gym. It was one of  his four disciplines, a complex task to overcome neurosis and character defects.

1. delaying of gratification

2.acceptance of responsibility

3.dedication to truth


As I have moved to this crone age I  sometimes find myself wanting to reach the end result more quickly in case I run out  of time.  It’s  the desire to eat the icing first. To reach my search for the peace and liberation of my soul immediately!  I find I have to pull myself back into the now. I also find  I have to refrain from multi tasking all the time. Being the type of person who never stops in a day until the list is finished I find I need to take time to just think, just be.

And I like  just being.

And  thinking is taking me interesting places, like re reading  Scott Peck and through him back to Jung and now to native spirituality.

I find myself back at Arts 1 at UBC 40 years ago. How did I get lost and how did I find my way back?

Doesn’t matter. I’m here.

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