The Puzzle That is My Pond

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle”
Deepak Chopra

Two things I really enjoy: one is the sound of water moving and the other is looking at and picking up rocks. I live by a lake and have a beautiful rushing creek running through the back side of our acreage. It is so peaceful to sit on the back deck and listen to the creek and the birds. I also enjoy the front of our house because that is where my beautiful garden is and I spend quite a bit of time out there working. When I lived at the coast I had a massive in ground fish pond surrounded by lush west coast landscaping; bamboo, rhododendrons, azalea,roses, magnolias etc. It was filled by friendly, happy koi. None of that works here.

My husband think I should have been happy with the creek, and I am. I just wanted the sound and beauty of a pond in the front. I found and old pond liner and decided my mountain pond would become a reality. I couldn’t put it in the ground as it is rigid and would crack in the -30 C winters. I decided above ground would do but how could I make it look interesting, keep the cats out yet make it safe for the dogs who like to drink from it and wash their dirty tennis balls in it.


One thing we have here in the mountains is an ample supply of rocks. More get delivered every year or so from the gravel truck who dumps his load on the driveway. I also have a large collection of, in my opinion,  pretty rocks that I have picked up on my hikes.

My helper

One of my favourite hikes with the dogs is along a dyke that was built from soil moved from Agate Bay and after a fresh rain you can usually find unborn agates poking up.

I priced out brick and Allan blocks to surround the pond, way to expensive. then one day it dawned on me. I would use all those rocks to build the surround. Every day I would add a layer. It was kinda like figuring out a puzzle. What would fit where to build the little wall. How to place them so they wouldn’t fall. It became a very mindful yet relaxing exercise. If I found a new interesting rock I would add it as well, friends started bringing me rocks. None of the rocks are cemented so we have to be careful not to kick  or bump into the pond, or else they all come tumbling down. Another great exercise in mindfulness. I never get upset if someone knocks the rocks down, I just let them put it back together again. Everyone loves it.  It can be a solitary or group activity. The only ones who haven’t knocked any rocks down are the dogs.

While meditating next to the pond it always makes me think of how things change in an instance and  how we all fit into this puzzle.

One response to “The Puzzle That is My Pond

  1. The pictures of you picking rocks reminded me of my mother-in-law who picked rocks on her walks, as well.

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