Purple Socks

It’s been cold in the morning this week. While getting dressed I decided that it was time to put the sandals away and go for closed shoes and socks. I haven’t hauled all my winter clothes out of the trunk yet; so pickings were slim. I decided on jeans, tee-shirt and sweater. When I checked the sock drawer, I found a nice new pair of purples socks. They matched my tee-shirt and picked up one of the colours of the sweater. Perfect! never thought another thing about it, until I got to work and a co-worker said OMG you are wearing purple socks, I love it. Do you know  the meaning of purple socks? I shook my head. She immediately Googled  it. I never knew that your sock colour had a meaning. And a deep meaning. Somehow purple socks are equated with the story “Harriet the Spy.  A boy character wore them.”The Boy with the Purple Socks as a kid in Harriet’s class who was so boring no one ever bothered to learn his name. “Whoever heard of purple socks?” Harriet wonders in Chapter 2. “She figured it was lucky he wore them; otherwise no one would have even known he was there at all.” He later tells his classmates that his mother wanted him to dress completely in purple so he would stand out in a crowd but he refused to comply, except for the socks. And, as it turns out, the purple socks do make him stand out in a crowd, not to the masses but to a smaller group of kindred spirits. He also stands out to readers in the gay community, for whom the color purple has symbolic meaning.” http://purple-socks.webmage.com/socks.htm

I haven’t read Harriet the Spy since my daughter was young. I’m sure my granddaughter will read it. I don’t know if they have or will relate to the meaning of the purple socks. I am just amazed that an idle piece of clothing can have as much meaning as the coloured ribbons we wear to show our causes on our sleeves or wrists. The pink for breast cancer or the yellow for Lance Armstrong’s Live Strong. It certainly won’t make me change my dressing choices. I love colour and wear it constantly. Colour makes me feel good. I am not a black and white person. I wonder what other coloured pieces of clothing mean? It will be interesting to find out. I am just glad my purple socks gave someone a lift and a laugh today. Colour does that.

4 responses to “Purple Socks

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  3. Fascinating stuff.I wonder what my wardrobe signifies.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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