Blowing Smoke


“The fire, with well-dried logs supplied, Went roaring up the chimney wide.”
―Walter Scott


It’s cold! The smell of wood burning stoves and fireplaces is permeating the air. There is daily delivery of loads of logs up and down the mountain streets. Log splitters, chain saws and axes are humming and whirring. So far my log pile looks like this



I was hoping for this.


It’s not as cold as other parts of the country. No snow warnings yet and we haven’t had a frost. Hope this week of promised good weather will ripen my tomatoes.


I am picking peppers every day and drying them.



The bees are still in the bee balm and sunflowers, but these guys were hardly moving this morning. You can pick them up in your hand they are so cold.


Who knew that you only needed to blow a little smoke on them to warm them up and get them moving.

Fall is on its way. Enjoy change!


2 responses to “Blowing Smoke

  1. I can’t believe how fast your seasons are changing! It is hot and sweaty here, and we are still running the sprinkler. I’m in that place of not ready to give up summer, but longing a bit for fall…

    • Jackie Frost came last night!! I should have known. Today will be busy digging up my geraniums and picking my tomatoes. I should have covered the tomatoes with a sheet last night. Just look at Calgary. This is the only time I miss the weather at the coast. Wishes for a warm and long fall for you to enjoy!…..

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