Hearts Broken Open

syslvester-fire copy

We said goodbye to our oldest cat last Saturday. Sylvester was 18 years old, arthritic, blind and tired. I still remember the day we brought him home from the shelter, 25 pounds of love. He, again was one of those animals that really needed fostering. A horrible upper respiratory infection meant his eyes were glued shut and he couldn’t breathe, but he never stopped purring. After two weeks he was much better but we couldn’t take him back. We had completely fallen in love with him.

Sylvester’s blindness didn’t stop him from anything, he learned to make his way around the house, garden and stairs. If he needed something, like food or pick me up he came up behind you and scratched your leg. Over the last six months the backs of my legs have acquired many scratches. They will  heal, but the hole in my heart from losing him will take a long time to repair.

Sylvester was the gentleman of our house. (you only have to notice his tuxedo)  He loved everyone and in doing so everyone loved him. A multi cat house means there will sometimes be spats. Sylvester was always there to referee. He taught 12 years of puppies how to respect cats and our grandchildren to gently pet a cat in return for kisses and loud purrs.

IMG_6737He loved the winter fire, long snoozes in the garden, drinking from the frog in the pond and cat nip.

Sylvester was all those things that make people love cats and watch those silly cat videos over and over. He had a great sense of humour and I know he would say to those people “gotcha ya


No one misses him more that his side kick Sparkle. We are all so much better for having known him. They say our hearts get broken to let the light in,  well then this is fitting.

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.”
― Eckhart Tolle

2 responses to “Hearts Broken Open

  1. We have 9 cats at home, all unique individuals as well. My condolences for your loss. ~Tom

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