Barn Art and Summer Colour


I have always loved murals in public spaces. Our town has some spectacular art work in our downtown alleys. It counters the “broken window theory” and makes a trip down an alley a wonderful experience.

My barn door is small and inconspicuous. I thought it would be fun to try to mural it.  I framed it to paint last year. This is the finished product. It was difficult painting the rough barn board. I painted Sophie our one and only pig, Mocha one of our Nigerian Dwarf goats; she actually posed for me, Satchmo our last rooster, and Sparkle our oldest cat as a kitten. You can’t  have a barn with a pig without a spider so it your loo closely you will see Charlotte.

I also decided to “graffiti” my potting shed door. We have been collecting bottle tops from Charlie’s baby food tube things since October when I started babysitting her. I was inspired by people who use this type of plastic for massive art installations; so here is our small one. We still have some work to do on the rest of the door so we will update you later.


All this art is by what we have in the garden and in the barn. It’s a riot of colour, shapes and forms.

The fairy garden continues to grow. The story is that the large fairy on top looks after the whole fairy world. Note she is also in charge of bee hives and hummingbirds. The former empty house is occupied and has a baby lamb. Who knows who else might move in.

And the log cabin that has sat lonely and unfinished for years, now has a roof. It looks like it would be the right size for a horse?



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