Not An Ordinary Love


An e-mail from a puppy owner. She bought him from me 10 years ago. The last litter I bred. He was just euthanized after two years of illness. His brother died in December 2013 from prostate cancer. His owners, my niece and her family felt exactly the same way.

“I’m glad you finally have my words about Alfie, it was important to me to tell you. He was so special and his years of illness were a journey of patience and fortitude and unconditional love going both ways which I will never forget. I believe I was visited by an angel in some form and I have to believe I will meet him again one day.”


I sometimes wonder if I am just a kook; anthropomorphizing my animals.  I feel the same way about the mother and grandmother of these dogs. I am sure the owner of the now deceased dad of these dogs feels the same way too.

According to the current issue of Oprah

“Few attachments are as heartfelt as the ones we have with our animals – and sometimes those relationships alter the course of our lives.”

People whose lives have been changed forever



farley-pallette-knife copy-1

Love is love, ordinary or not.

2 responses to “Not An Ordinary Love

  1. And I love this.
    Yes, how we love them. And can relate to other human companions on the strength of that love.

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