And So It Goes


Perdita was a rescue kitten, from a 2002 SPCA seizure, she was bred  for no tail and Persian qualities. She died as a kitten in my arms.

I was stupid a couple of times. I owned cats and didn’t get them spayed in time. I had two litters of kittens. In  the first litter, the mom died and the kittens were all sick but I managed to find homes for them. Not until they pooped over every piece of furniture I owned.The second litter all died except the mom. We got her spayed and she lived to be 18 years old. She had a good life. Both those experiences make me the animal owner I am today. I try very hard not to be judgemental since I definitely am not without sin. I don’t go looking for redemption but somehow it tries to seek me out.

goat family

My first barnyard rescue, a family of goats.

Last Saturday the SPCA called to see if I would take a goat that had been hit by a car, and oh by the way she is pregnant. Yikes. Okay I will pick her up on Monday at the vet. Turned out she was a sheep not a goat and her injuries were so substantial that the vet’s decision was to euthanize her. Off the hook, yes but we do have two goats who are healthy, and  looking to be rehomed. The owner wants to surrender them. It only takes a little bit of guilt for me to say, yes I will go and look at them. So meet the newest additions to my little farm here on Paradise Lane, just off Paradise  Road.  Sugar and Spice. They are both wethers and dehorned. They will be perfect companions for Latte and Mocha, once the girls have finished showing them who is boss.


Spice a Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf cross


Sugar a Nigerian Dwarf

In the last two weeks there have been two puppy mills busted at the coast. The animals were in a deplorable condition. Its heart wrenching actually, the media likes the optics, for ratings. Yes, if you want to raise money there is nothing like sick children or sick or abused baby animals to haul the dollars in.

I know you can’t fix stupid and there will always be unethical sellers and naive or greedy buyers.  There is a market for designer dogs (mixed breeds guaranteed to be non shedding and every one knows that mixed breeds are healthier: there are no scientific studies, but lots of studies on purebreds and their health issues) and dogs to be status symbols or lawn ornaments. It will always be buyer beware.


So please, if you feel the need for a pet do your homework. Do your research. Buy a pet that’s right for your lifestyle. Don’t get goats no matter how little or cute they are if you live in an urban area.  Buy from a reputable breeder if you want a purebred, one who is listed with the breed parent club and can show you the parents of the puppy or kitten and will let you come to their home. Or better yet, get a rescue and get them spayed or neutered. Don’t breed, not even to show your kids the miracle of birth, it could also be the reality of death.  Just get a pet and love it for the rest of its life. You will be a better person for it.

Their unconditional love will be a great teacher for you.


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