More Littles

“There is a trend at Bernecho. Add more, have more fun. We acquired new chickens this week. We have a bad habit of taking things “sight unseen”.  Thought they would be older. Not little terrorists!


We call everything that is a baby “a little” Well the morning after they arrived I was up at 5:00 am trying to catch them in the large front yard. Got through the fence. Back to re-fencing for two tiny chickens. But God they are cute. We have named them Muppet and Goldie. Muppet because she is a Frizzle and looks like Animal on the Muppets. Goldie because she is a gold Wyandotte as opposed to Lacey and Ŧilly our silver Wyandotte from last year. We also added two nondescript brown chickens who look like our Betty so we named then VeRONNIEica and Midge.



So much fun, and fresh, organic,  free range (not vegetarian) eggs. Why would anyone want vegetarian eggs? The best chicken food is barnyard scratch: bugs and worms, YUM


5 responses to “More Littles

  1. I’ll take the eggs. Pass on the bugs and worms though… Those are for the birds! We totally agree with he “animal” connection – that chicken should come with a drum kit!

    • Is she not the cutest. You have to think of me in my pyjamas running around trying to get her back in the chicken yard. They are so funny, they want to be with the BIG chickens, but they just get beat up and they are still too little to go out because the wire is not close enough. The bugs and worms are what chickens eat, that’s what makes the eggs so good!

  2. We used to live next door to Luigina a lady in her late 80’s She keeps chickens and I used to help her feed them (especially in the winter when the snow was to deep for Luigina) Most mornings I would be greeted with a little box of eggs that Luigina donated to us.

    I have to say hens are remarkable stupid animals. The eggs were fab, but trying to catch them when they had escaped was a nightmare also after one heavy snowfall (2 and a 1/2 foot) the birds managed to flutter across the top of the snow and perch 20 foot away in a tree they bawled and screeched and refused to return to their coop until I had dug them a walk way.

    • Thanks for stopping by.Yes,they can be so annoying and moody. I am lucky the goats usually make a path in the barnyard so the chickens can come and go.

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