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Four months are a long time between blog posts. Creative block? Time? Inspiration? Lazy? Living getting in the way? All of the above.


I think about it every day. What I could write; what I want to write. I never get to the desk to “put pen to paper” so to speak. With out excuses, life has conspired to interfere.

Interesting blog post on Creative Block from Brain Pickings

I an not entirely stunted in my creative endeavours and aspirations. I have been busy with learning how to retire; you would be amazed at how much creativity it takes to shift those gears. I have been creating visual art; lots and lots of painting, felting, knitting, journaling and jewellery. I am practicing my Native American flute regularly.

I have added a page to my blog to showcase my art and will add another page as I explore  the relationships of females (especially family) and age. It will help to adjust to being the primary caregiver for my aging  mother in-law now living with us.

I am inspired by my daughters foray into blogging.   Martinisyle. Check it out. she is amazing?

To keep me learning, I have decided that an outdoor inspired hobby will be just the thing. Since I live on a lake what’s better than fishing? No not ice fishing, even though that’s the Poisson de Jour at today’s -20C, but fly fishing in the warm weather.

Can you guess what this little gadget is for? It will be very ‘zen”.



It's all about the dance.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend and crone who has learned not to whine. I am dedicated to learning and expanding with the universe. I am a follower of St. Francis, Buddha, Gaia and native spirituality. I want to leave this part of the journey with a small environmental footprint and an ever-expanding and colourful aura. There have been many lessons along the way. I am here to learn and share. If I can be  light on the path, especially for my grandchildren I will be very happy to move on the journey.

I try every day to create beauty around me and to share the beauty I see around me. I am dedicated to encouraging gratitude and forgiveness in all things.  I dedicate this blog to my grand children especially Gigi, in hope that my life will encourage her to be all that she knows she can be.

I am an artist who needs to show the beauty of all creation through painting, music and photography.

My thoughts occur randomly and that’s how I will write.  I do know that sense will be made of them.