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Día de Muertos

dofdead-chicken-copyToday is Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead, preceded by all Hallowed Eve and  All Saints Day. I am not much one for Halloween but love All Saints and Day of the Dead. It is a day for remembering in a “good way” all those who have passed. I love the Mexican celebration. It is a reminder that all things will pass away, including civilizations.  In a hundred years it will be all new people to quote Anne Lamott and rightfully so. This earth needs renewal.

I lost a chicken today. I went out to the barn to let them out and found one of the black and white Wyandotte (Tilly) dead on the floor. We cremated her this afternoon; burnt tobacco, sage, and cedar to send her on her way.

Today I will reflect on all who I know have passed including all of my beloved dogs and cats. They all rest peacefully in my studio in urns ready to be buried as  tree fertilizer with me.

I painted this picture of Tilly to remember her and all others on this Día de Muertos.