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Hey! Are You Looking At Me?

Black Bear

I have been feeling guilty. It has been over a month since I have written a blog post. I have thought of many things to write. The thoughts haven’t made it to the desk to compose themselves. What have I been doing? Were people judging me for being lapse or lazy. Really? In the big scheme of things I think that everyone has enough on their own plate.

Mostly I have been looking at my world around me and revelling in my fortuitousness!! This is what I have been looking at and what has been looking back at me!

Our little friend “Baer”. He is a cub from last spring or so and has taken up residence in our back property. The buffet here is great when you are getting ready for a big sleep..

black bear yearling

“Diana”, a mom with two fawns has also taken up residence in our back yard.

deer doe

deer doe



The new additions to our front yard have been growing in leaps and bounds.

The Nigerian Dwarf goats Mocha and Latte have now grown big enough to run and forage in the big fields. Don’t you love their turquoise eyes?






The baby chicks that came home at two-day’s old  in June are now safely ensconced in the barn, with nesting boxes and a big run with access to a chicken run outside with a door that gives them the barn yard to run free. We are lucky because out of the six chicks, we only acquired one rooster. He is a Black Copper Maran and his name is Satchmo. The girls are Mukluk, a Cochin, Lavender and Flower, Orpingtons, Brown Betty a Breda and Mumbo a Maran hen. They are all addicted to watermelon. The brown stain on Mukluk’s breast is watermelon juice!


Let’s not forget Scarlet, our ringneck pheasant. I had to clip her wings: harder on me than on her, I cried.

ringneck pheasant

I haven’t been the only one looking either. Grommet is very attached to his girls.

bernese mountain dog and goatnigerian dwarf goat

I have been looking at bees and butterflies. All the work I put into building a garden for them really paid off this year.


I have been admiring our new garage. What a handy man my husband is, right down to the hand-built sliding barn door with a deer antler handle!

Can’t you just picture my new horse with his head peeking out the top of the Dutch door next year?





We have been busy!]

It’s September 1st  and the first hint of fall is in the morning chill. I have had an amazing summer creating Mimi’s little farm. I only have gratitude, not guilt.