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Begat ~ Advent Sunday


Only my kids will get the meaning of this.¬† It is the first advent Sunday. We would have a special dinner and light the first advent candle. We always read from a special book for Advent. It was an Anglican book actually but don’t tell them. We always made Cowboy/Papa/”Walt” read the first Sunday. The reading talked about the lineage of Jesus; it was full of who begat who and how they ended up going to Bethlehem, the city of David.

This year’s first advent Sunday falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Unknown events when my kids were growing up.¬† In those days Boxing Day sales had just started. But, somehow Boxing Day sales begat Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It has become a pilgrimage to shopping or should I say consumerism. A quest to find happiness in things and saving a lot of money by spending money we don’t have.

My nostalgia for the days gone by and the condition of the universe today makes me hope that gratitude can prevail and that somehow we can all encounter everyday epiphanies, and find blessings in the abundance  we already have.