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We all have our favourite colours. Mine is green. When my granddaughter, Giorgia  was little she loved pink, purple and blues. Yellow, orange and green were not in her palette. Now as an amazing artist at seven, she is more tolerant of other colours. She loves the way they blend to make unique colours all her own.

Deadheading in the garden yesterday I realized that all the summer flowers were jewel colours.  Giorgia would laugh at me. They reminded me so much of my mother. She loved jewel tones and wore them with flare. Her jet black hair and green eyes when she was young and her beautiful silver hair in her elder years were complemented by the jewel tones. She looked very much like the Queen Mom, all lady like with her white gloves and lipstick and her shot of Drambuie in the evening.


My mother was not a gardener. My dad did all the gardening. My mother preferred being indoors and sewing or knitting. Her mother, who I never knew was a gardener. She preferred the outdoors on the prairie and would much rather be riding her horse bareback then being in the house as a young woman. Gardening kept her outside as a wife and mother. I don’t know what colours she liked as the only pictures I have are sepia.

I don’t know if likes and dislikes or talents can be passed down genetically even if you never met the person. A genetic reincarnation of sorts. I certainly identify with my grandmother more than my mother. Riding bareback and gardening, being out in nature are very much my cup of tea.

My daughter sometimes reminds me of my mother. Her flare for fashion and decorating are similar. They both got along famously, after Lara stopped being a teenager. The famous shoe addiction certainly did not pass her by.

Maybe it’s in my own mind that I identify with Giorgia and feel we are kindred souls.  Everything about her thrills me. She is very right brain like me. We had a great discussion the last time I visited on whether we were schlemiels or schlimazels. We agreed that we were definitely a little of both, with much laughter.

That’s the benefit of having a garden to deadhead. Gives you time to think. Remembering my mother, loving my granddaughters.

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Brave For My Granddaughters and Merida


I sign the usual petitions polar bears, wolves, pipelines, environmental things mostly and I am also passionate around women’s rights. My  very public participation this year in V-Day and Vagina Monologues was  outside my comfort zone.

I signed the petition last week put out by A Mighty Girl, to keep the Disney character Merida, from the movie Brave unprincesfied. To keep her from becoming a sexualized, made up, hair glossed, lips rouged, dress tightened, breasts more defined looking princess: more in line with all the other Disney princesses who have lost their innocence and some their

A Mighty Girl is a blog I read regularly. It has great information on books, characters, toys, music and clothing for young girls. It is in-line with what I value for my granddaughters.

My two-year old granddaughter Stella loves Merida and the movie Brave. My seven-year old granddaughter likes it as well but she is not easily influenced by television, movies etc. She doesn’t watch TV at home and all movies are family time with lots of discussion.

Stella’s second birthday last week had a “Brave” theme and Merida came to the party. There was fishing, archery, a bear, a castle and the boys had as much fun as the girls, after all it was a party for a two-year old. Her dad even dressed in a kilt!

I identified with Brave when I watched it. I loved her spunk as well as her faults. There were great teachable moments in the movie. It reminded me so much of the girl I once was. Tree climbing, bike riding, red hair flying in the wind tom boy. Fifty years later and thirty years of working in the prestige cosmetic industry I know a thing or two about marketing to women and selling you something that you don’t really need but that you hope will make you happy or change your life.

Girls  (and boys) need good strong role models and parents as the primary educator are responsible for what their children learn. As a grandmother, and with  my disposable income I know I can vote with my feet and refuse to buy those consumables that don’t empower my grandchildren to be smart, confident and courageous.

I think we might have won a battle, but maybe not the war.http://www.amightygirl.com/blog/?p=3443

If my granddaughter can always be this joyful, my work will be done!