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Poor Clothing Choices

“This is a hard truth to be told: before spring becomes beautiful, it is plug ugly, nothing but mud and muck. I have walked in the early spring through fields that will suck your boots off, a world so wet and woeful it makes you yearn for the return of ice. But in that muddy mess, the conditions for rebirth are being created.”

…..Parker Palmer

muddy barn yard

I was so jealous when I read Omid Safi’s essay for On Being this week. It was about the rain in Vancouver. Wet coast,  where I spent 48 years of my life. Rain, rain and rain.  I miss it so much sometimes.  Today, we had rain, but it wasn’t west coast rain; it was icy, cold and sleaty. It melted snow and then it froze again creating a skating rink in my front yard. Gates were frozen and if you weren’t careful the car slid back down the driveway when you were trying to exit. Disgusting weather. Too early for this time of year. It’s the torment before spring, the melting of the 4 foot drifts of snow leaving behind rivers that run downhill carrying sand and dirt from the road. Animal and human feet become mud magnets dragging all the shit silt indoors. You can wash the floor three times a day but you will never get it clean. You just mush it around. Depressing. I just wanted to see the beautiful green rain forest rain  that washed everything clean. Even the animals are depressed.


The funniest part of the essay is when Omid came across a Canadian saying

There is no such thing as bad weather.
There are only poor clothing choices.”

I laughed so hard. Yes this is true. I change my clothes so many times a day. Barn in the morning, one set of clothes and boots. Go to feed my new horse, another set of clothes. Go to town, different clothes and a change for in the car in case I want to go feed Jenny, my horse on the way home. Driving out the driveway and opening and closing the gate myself, put on Bog boots with attached spikes. Hot Shot hand warmers in the car and at home. Remember to open a pair first thing in the  morning so they can warm up and go in my gloves.

IMG_9047Check the weather report for here, the local mountain and in town. Decide what coat and how many layers to wear.


To live happily we must be accepting of what comes our way. The weather, well it just is so make sure you make the right clothing choice and enjoy! So what if the wind ruffles your mane!