Time ~ Compassion~

You know the sort of day. You are busy, thinking of where you need to be not where you are. Late, rushing.

Pulling into the parking lot I had to immediately stop for a frail elderly woman, walking right in front of my car with her walker. Trying to stand up tall, making her way slowly to the entrance of the library. Happy to be under her own steam on this beautiful fall day. Happy to be alive,while I was not even present. I suddenly thought of my mother, long dead. She too, walked slowly and sometimes was not aware of how she held others up. she loved every day that she was alive. Always ready to go out for an adventure, lunch or a walk. I was very grateful to that elderly lady today. Bringing me back to  present time, bringing back wonderful memories of my mom. Where had my compassion gone?  My loving kindness to all, my being here, right in that moment. In the twinkling of an eye she brought me back where I needed to be. Eternally grateful.

One response to “Time ~ Compassion~

  1. Love this!!!

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