The Impermanence of the Old Goat

I felt so sorry for you last weekend. Staring through the fence, looking up at the window; not understanding why you can’t be part of the pack. All your companions are gone. Your mom,your two sisters and your grandmother, who just died. You came here as a baby, rescued due to animal cruelty.

You have been part of our life for 9 years now. The next year your twin sisters were born. Wasn’t that exciting!  Being amateur in goat husbandry, we had no idea you would impregnate your mom. We couldn’t have you neutered as your case was still before the court.

Later the next year we added a rescued pig, chickens, cats, rabbits and  duck. Now there is only Cinderella  the duck and you left. Cinderella was a rescue from the fires of 2003. Found wandering down the road she was burnt and missing all her feathers. Why she is still alive I have no idea. How long do ducks live?

We moved here to raise and breed our dogs. We have watched many of them pass over as well. We have lost numerous cats, all the rabbits, and Sophie the pig. The sadness is sometimes too great.

What shall I do for you or for me? I know that nothing lasts forever; only as long as creator wills. I know that everything is here for a reason.

Shall we go rescue some new friends?

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