In retirement you have time to reflect on your career. Forty five years of working involves a multitude of relationships. I started when I was fifteen and am now retired at sixty. Some jobs I remember fondly and some I try to forget; like the one day I spent as a collections clerk at a credit bureau. Retirement doesn’t mean that you stop having relationships, you just get to be more choosy about what you want to spend your very valuable time on. One of the skills I acquired in my careers of many colours was mentoring. I have always believed in the principles of servant/leadership and the need for community building. I first read “The Servant as Leader”, by Robert Greenleaf in 1986. This skill is more valuable to me now than ever. Time, and no career restraints make if possible to mentor those who might not have opportunities.

I am enjoying my own personal art projects but was inspired by some blogs on journaling and art as therapy and as always I am inspired by A Mighty Girl. The thoughts just came together, and now I have an art class in a school where some of the Grade 6 girls just need to know that  the community cares. Once a week we get together at lunch hour, and I am helping them create a self-portrait illustrating why they are “A Mighty Girl” Each girl comes to the table with their own skills and talents and we work with paint, photographs and words to help them define their ‘mightiness”. It always involves a safe space and much laughter. The pictures below show some of the girls progress. I will post again when we are finished. The picture at the top of the blog is the one I painted for my granddaughter for Christmas. I am working on another granddaughter’s picture during the class.

I am not sure who is mentoring who?

2 responses to “Mentoring

  1. An amazing way to spent time in retirement. Love it! What a blessing and a gift these young ladies are receiving. Going to look for the book “The Servant as a Leader”.

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