Memories, Duck Eggs and Roosters


Okay, so I am human. I haven’t posted since November and Christmas is already past. Not feeling guilty because for the last 7 weeks I have been attending to  what matters. This was my goal for the year 2014; to pay attention to what matters and not get caught up in Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda! It has been tempting. I am in awe of my daughter and her blog. She is a busy mom and probably has less time than me, but she still writes them beautifully and it’s my favourite reading before I go to bed or over coffee early in the morning. Her last post on the memories of Christmas past and ghosts made me very happy. I really know that I have been attending to the important things and when I forget everything falls off the rails.

I babysit my two youngest grandchildren every day. I have to be at their house at 7:30 am so I need to get up at 5:30 am. Hard for a grandma. But it’s important. We go to playschool, gymnastics and skating. We are creating memories.


We build forts and we do art. ( hey I wanted to create every day, I just didn’t tell my muse, what)).


We learned that  “a box” is not “a box” (very important for later spiritual life)


We learned that family is important, memories are created in the very young.


I learned that when you are attending to important things sometimes you have to ask for help. I learned that Papa (Cowboy) can run the farm. I learned that sometimes when you don’t know something, more is revealed. Like Aflac, we didn’t know what sex she was but in time she told us. (neither of us wanted to blow on her vent to see). Three eggs a day now from the hens and Aflac.


I learned that when you buy day old chicks at the small animal flea market, you get what you get; four roosters, two hens. Three roosters had to be culled. (and yes we are eating them, no life should be in vain)

Life is like that, and memories are created. Merry Christmas to all my blog readers and a prayer that you created many wonderful memories this season.

2 responses to “Memories, Duck Eggs and Roosters

  1. Happy holidays and thank you for a wonderful post, xo LMA

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