skæðadrífa, logndrífa, kafaldsmyglingur, lognkafald and ryk


In Iceland hundslappadrífa is snow flakes as big as dog’s paws, and I think they should know. If hundslappadrífa is not falling you make your own!

Snow is magical, mystical and on a moonlit night its sparkle conjures peace and tranquility. It is  the Christmas season, how else would Santa get around. We are blessed to have four seasons here in the sub-alpine. Each has its own allure but at Christmas we relish the snow. So much fun to be out in nature, learning all kinds of lessons.

What goes down must come up. (and repeat)



Adults become childlike in the snow, animals become co-conspirator.


Children just feel joy.


Cold is a word that is never spoken, only the words hot chocolate can bring an end to hours of sledding.

As Rumi says “be melting snow, wash yourself of yourself”



…….at the end of the day, hundslappadrífa, must be removed from the  dog’s paws.


gleðilegt nýtt ár

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