If You Build It, Garden of Dreams

humminbird eaating from bee balm

It’s a cliché from a so-so movie; Field of Dreams but I always hoped that if I added the right food and timing to my garden I could get the hummingbirds to eat from the garden and not from the feeders. It finally happened this year.

Hummingbirds arrive here in May and they are hungry. Most of them are tiny and feisty and we so enjoy watching them at our six feeders. I feel bad though because I am feeding them refined white sugar and water. I know it wouldn’t be good for me and I am sure it is not the best for them, but they are so ravenous and will tap on the windows if the feeders are empty.





At this time there is not enough pollen food in my garden, but this year because of the extreme heat everything bloomed at least two to three weeks early. Usually there are no hummingbirds around and we have packed away the feeders. For the last two weeks I have been spotting them in the garden eating from the flowers. I just haven’t had a camera handy.

I could hear them all afternoon while I was dead heading. I could hear them over the din of the bees eating from the bee balm. I made Papa sit out on the patio with the cameras focussed until he got a shot of them.

I have tried very hard to plant for pollinators and it has paid off in spades. We have had bees of all stripes, butterflies and now hummingbirds eating the from the flowers.

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